YW Lesson 1-31: "Group Activities: A Basis for Wise Dating"

by | Aug. 07, 2009

Lesson Helps

Instead of my typical level of annoyance when I come across a lesson that comes off as particularly dated, when I read over this one I found myself giggling and thinking, "How Adorable!" It was like watching an episode of Mad Men.

Dating is one of those areas where there has been such a drastic generational sea change that this lesson, perfectly applicable to me 12 years ago, now reads like a hygiene film from the 50's. [By the way, is it just me or does it seem like the super dated lessons always fall on my turn to review? If I haven't already I'm going to earn quite a reputation as a manual hater] In my past ten years of service it seems like in every group there are maybe one, maybe two, right now I have zero, girls who get attached to a boyfriend very young and you have to keep a close eye on. But other than those, everybody else is just "hanging out."

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