YW Lesson 1-32: "Personal Purity through Self-Discipline"

by | Aug. 10, 2009

Lesson Helps

Let's talk about marshmallows for a moment. Everyone likes marshmallows, right? Especially little kids. Over the last few months I've run into several different accounts of one scientific experiment involving little kids and marshmallows, and it had some pretty interesting results.

It starts with a group of Stanford psychologists in the 1960s, led by Walter Mischel. Mischel used a small research room at the Stanford University preschool, and he posed the following scenario to the kids in the study:

"Here's one marshmallow for you. I am going to give it to you and leave the room. While I'm gone, you can eat it, or not, it's up to you. When I come back, if the marshmallow is still here, you get TWO marshmallows because I will give you another one. "

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