YW Lesson 1-33: "Avoiding Degrading Media Influences"

by | Aug. 18, 2009

Lesson Helps

OK everyone. If I've ever said anything that you've ever found beneficial, if you have any warm feelings towards me at all, please, please, please use this lesson as an opportunity to talk to your YW about porn.

The majority of LDSaints still function under the delusion that porn is exclusively a male problem (Seraphine from ZD's did a great Sunstone presentation touching on this and I'm hoping to twist her arm into sharing some excerpts with us) but I can bear witness that it is absolutely not. I have personally known women who were addicted to hard core porn as a sexual stimulant, and outside of the LDS world, women using porn just the same way men do is accepted as a fact.

An article originally published in O magazine of all places cited a study that claims 1 out of every 3 visitors to an adult website is a woman, and that this market is rising so swiftly that porn manufacturers are rushing to create films of a quality that would appeal to these women. Old fashioned bodice rippers are not the only problem that needs to be addressed anymore.

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