YW Lesson 1-34: "Worthy Thoughts"

by | Aug. 25, 2009

Lesson Helps

Well, if there was ever a lesson that demonstrated, unequivocally, the egregious lack of updating in young women's resources, this has got to be it. For crying out loud, when this lesson was written, there were three TV networks. The only computers were mainframes at IBM with punchcards. The music that Church leaders were worried about were the Doors and Herman's Hermits. It was BEFORE WOODSTOCK. The entire lesson is based on Boyd K. Packer's BYU talk from 1967 (the year my parents got married), with a postscript from a 1976 Church filmstrip (!) titled "Worthy Music, Worthy Thoughts." I will knit a fabulous winter hat for anyone who finds a copy of that filmstrip in their ward library and posts a video version of it on Youtube. I'm not kidding about the hat!

Now, don't jump all over me. I didn't say I didn't like the lesson or appreciate its message, I'm just pointing out its vintage. Fact.

I don't think any teacher throughout the Church could possibly not have her own ideas about how to bring this lesson up into this century.

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