YW Lesson 1-35: Living Righteously Amid Pressures

by | Sep. 03, 2009

Lesson Helps

The older I get, the smaller the gap seems to me to be between how I live my life and how my friends and neighbors live. As a youth it seemed like choosing the right made me so dramatically different from the people I went to school with that I might as well have been a different species. Even the born again friends I had would talk about God with me and then go get drunk and have sex (but not the kind that counted, cause that would be wrong) with their boyfriends. I felt that divisive us vs. them battle keenly, and when it was time for me to go to college I wouldn't even consider applying anywhere but a church school. Imagine my shock on my first day in Provo when all the girls at the pool party next door were wearing two pieces! The horror!

I like that this lesson manages to avoid that dichotomous thinking and frames the challenge to stay faithful as a personal one.

The supplementary resources for this lesson are really great too. President Monson's talk focuses on developing a foundation of faith that cannot be shaken, with the perfect little President Monson analogy to illustrate his point. This is one of those things I'm always preaching to my girls. Personalize the gospel. Foundation, foundation, foundation.

Elder Cook's talk cheers me endlessly as he talks about how productively problems are solved when approached from an attitude of faith rather than fear. The subtext to all of this is just so great. We shouldn't be afraid of everything outside of the gospel. We should just start with ourselves, build up our families, and then serve as examples to the rest of the world. And understand that we're not as alone as we think we are.

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