YW Lesson 1-45: "The Value of Work"

by | Nov. 25, 2009

Lesson Helps

I hope we know the family circumstances of every girl in our classes, because there are parts of this lesson that could be a serious hardship to a poverty-stricken family. We should be careful about insulting welfare systems if there are girls around us who's family use them, since there are way too many variables and nuances to properly address in 40 minutes.

Other than that, I only have one additional problem with this lesson. But it's a biggy. During the chalkboard exercise listing the temporal, social, and spiritual benefits of work, the lesson lists prestige as a spiritual blessing. PRESTIGE AS A SPIRITUAL BLESSING?? What in the what now? What happened to God being no respecter of persons? Oh my goodness that troubles me. If we ever needed proof of members often conflating temporal success with spiritual success, I think we just found it. Oy vey.

Sure, prestige is a blessing that can come from hard work. Put it in the temporal category. Put it in the social category. You'll get no complaint from me. But the SPIRITUAL category! Prestige increases your spirituality?? I can't even find words to make the case for why I find that so troublesome, it just seems so outrageous to me. If anything, prestige would make it harder to be spiritual because it would be so much harder to be humble. I think this makes me so crazy because I see it so often in the church, the people with social power, the people with money, are so often deferred to on the ward and stake level. Deferred to in a way that can bring problems of pride or cliquishness, undermining sustained authority, being unChristian to those from humbler circumstances. Anyway, enough. It's one word Reese, let it go.

The rest of the lesson is just great. Seriously. It includes all the points I'd wish to make myself. How when you can't do it, you appreciate work, how noble work in all it's forms is, the affect of your attitude on the work you do. Great stuff.

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