YW Lesson 1-47: "Encouraging the Development of Talents"

by | Dec. 07, 2009

Lesson Helps

It's the Christmas season and okay, so this blog is run by two busy moms... both of whom get legitimately overwhelmed now and then, and whose wards are on totally different lesson schedules by this point in the year (don't worry, we'll all be in sync again when we start the new manual in a few weeks!). So, it's Jeans for lesson 47, since I happened to teach it today and Reese is stuck a couple of lessons back in her ward.

Unlike Lesson 2-44, which is a straightforward lesson about developing one's talents, this lesson is more about how it can be tricky to identify talents, and why it's important to encourage them in your families, among your friends, etc. How to be a "talent-enabler," basically. One of the teachers in my ward handed out little chiffon gift bags of coins to her girls, using the parable of the talents. The MM's loved this. For my Laurels, I decided to avoid the whole guilt trip that comes with the various scriptures on talents ("If you bury them, they will be TAKEN FROM YOU!" Doom! Gloom! Etc), and just focused instead on a couple of key points:

--there are lots of ways to be talented. Talent is not just "artistic"; people can be talented in many different ways. I was going to bring in some ideas from Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, but then I didn't end up using it (good background for me, though).

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