YW Lesson 1-49: "Delegating Responsibility to Others"

by | Dec. 21, 2009

Lesson Helps

This may be one of those lessons that is secretly aimed at the YW leaders, many of whom are highly focused, get-it-done types who may have trouble sharing the workload, and who get consequently overstressed and burned out, or who have an overly developed sense of the way something "needs" to get done, and have a hard time bringing others into that vision, so they just end up doing it all themselves. Yeah, we all know the type.

It's kind of a shame, actually, that such an important skill gets buried in the lessons so late, and so near Christmas, that in most wards it won't get taught. Then again, it's such a skills-based lesson that it's maybe just as well; it's the sort of thing that could just as easily be covered in a BYC, or in a youth leadership training meeting, or in a short conversation when setting apart a new class presidency, or in a little "handbook for youth leaders" that you give with the decorated binders to the class presidency. It doesn't really seem like enough of a spiritual topic to base a Sunday lesson on.

But still, this lesson really could be a wonderful look at case studies of spiritual leadership. Think Jesus selecting and then delegating to his disciples, and not stepping in when they mess things up, but letting them learn and improve on their own. Think Jesus's parable of the talents. Think Brother Brigham, dividing the pioneers into companies of 100 and companies of 50 and so on down, because he couldn't possibly move a people to Utah all by himself. Think God the Father, letting some key individuals share in the work of creation with the instruction after each "day" to "return and report." Think of how delegation worked in the organization of Relief Society (first paragraph). See also N. Eldon Tanner's essay on "Leading as the Savior Led" for more on Christ's leadership style and how He delegated.

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