YW Lesson 2-1: "Drawing Closer to Jesus Christ"

by | Dec. 31, 2009

Lesson Helps

It's lovely to start the new year with such a foundational, well-written lesson. Amen.

This could be one place to work in material about the Magi, if you didn't use it last week. I'm not trying to hype my own post, I just think that it's relevant, because the first week of January is Epiphany, and the kings were on their way, coming unto Christ, drawing near to him, offering their gifts of love and worship, and there's no better way to begin our year than to do the same.

I'm also intrigued by the opening vignette: show a picture of a celebrity or church leader, and see what they know about him/her, and then make the point that knowing ABOUT someone is different from knowing him or her personally, and then move into ways to get to know Christ personally and not just know ABOUT him.

What famous person would you use?

The president of the US is an obvious choice, or the first lady - of course youth are going to know something about them & their biographies. I thought about Robert Pattinson, but then thought that might be too irreverent. Although some of the YW might know a lot about him off the top of their heads.

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