YW Lesson 2-10, "The Priesthood: A Great Blessing"

by | Mar. 04, 2010

Lesson Helps

It's nearly spring, so it is almost that time of year when we have a unit on the priesthood. I always like that the timing coincides with the time of year to mark the priesthood restoration, the first vision, General Conference, the YW broadcast and Easter - those are all happy occasions that make me think of growing, blossoming, and the end of winter & darkness (physical and spiritual). Notice that the word "Blessing" is in the title of 4 of the next 5 lessons (!!), so we'll be talking about that idea a LOT. I will be bringing out the "spiritual journals" that I created with them back in January and giving opportunity for reflection on their own blessings in a lot of those upcoming lessons. At our New Beginnings this week, there was an emphasis on linking Sunday lessons to Personal Progress, so I bet there are some value experiences that can connect to that.

"Blessing" has multiple meanings in Mormon thought and theology. In one sense, it's sort of generic, just anything good that has God as its source. In another sense, it's a specific gift--or message, even--from Heavenly Father, a specific evidence of his power and love in our lives.

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