YW Lesson 2-11: "Appreciating the Bishop"

by | Mar. 11, 2010

Lesson Helps

This lesson lends itself well to local adaptation. That's a shorthand way of saying, know your girls and know your bishop, and that will tell you how to teach an entire lesson on bishop appreciation. If they're Beehives, you may want to focus on the idea of yearly interviews (of course, assuming your bishop holds them) and on temple baptism interviews. If they're Laurels, you may want to hone in on his role in the repentance process, and on how a bishop's recommendation is necessary for applications to a church college. Either way, it would seem a good week to do something maybe light-hearted, like notes of appreciation, a trivia quiz about your bishop, or a visit from/to the bishop with your class.

Reading over this lesson made me want to also bring up the presence of bishops and their counselors in YW lessons. In our ward, the priests quorum meets in the bishop's office (I assume that's standard) and YM become very familiar with that setting, and with the person who occupies it, as he's part of the young men's leadership in addition to ward leadership.

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