YW Lesson 2-13: "Patriarchal Blessings"

by | Mar. 23, 2010

Lesson Helps

A patriarchal blessing, writes Thomas S. Monson, is "chapters from your book of eternal possibilities." Truly, I know of no other faith tradition that does quite what we do with patriarchal blessings. It's one of those wonderful things that makes our church unique.

For younger classes, it will be about preparing girls and helping them anticipate the blessing, get ready for it, and be realistic about what it will and won't do in their lives. For older classes, many of whom may have received their blessings already, it will be testimony about how to use it best, what to glean from it, and how to appreciate it.

From the resource manual -

Why would the Lord want me to have a patriarchal blessing?

Indeed, why?

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