YW Lesson 2-15: "Temple Marriage"

by | Apr. 16, 2010

Lesson Helps

Blogging about this lesson just got a whole lot easier since the YW broadcast on March 27. Now we have President Uchtdorf's slam dunk of a talk to work with, "Your Happily Ever After."

I also really liked President Dalton's talk, in which she talked about being starstruck at meeting President David O. and Emma McKay as a BYU student and how just seeing them together gave her insight into what a godly marriage is. I loved President Monson's anecdote in Conference about how his future in-laws embraced him on his first date with Frances (that story also shows up in the April dating issue of the New Era) and I like what that story begins to tell us about the loving eternal marriage that he has built over his lifetime.

Long, happy marriages, that look forward to long, happy eternities together, are something I cherish about Mormondom. As a people, we create conditions where these can flourish. Not that they all do, but that they can. That the priesthood and temples make that possible... that the opportunity is there... that we try to give the tools and build the skills that make marriage something far more than a convenient economic arrangement or a temporary alliance, but what it really should be. What God wants it to be.

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