YW Lesson 2-16 "Journals" for the 21st Century

by | Apr. 20, 2010

Lesson Helps

In the preparation instructions to this lesson, it suggests: "Bring several examples of books that can be used for a journal: a three-ring binder, spiral notebook, bound journal, or diary. Also bring several kinds of pencils and pens."

Maybe those were the only options for journaling in the 1970s... fountain pen vs. ballpoint, lock-and-clasp diary vs. spiral-bound. Hmm, lined or blank paper? Woo-hoo.

I was in a scholarly session in February at a conference at Yale called "The Past's Digital Presence," and the presenter mentioned that the best-selling book category of the entire 20th century was blank bound books to be used as diaries.

But, that was so last century. People, the digital revolution has given journaling a huge kickstart and I think we can do far more to inspire YW than to show a collection of colored pens and different kinds of notebooks.

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