YW Lesson 2-19 "Preparing to Teach Others"

by | May 14, 2010

Lesson Helps

Great, great lesson! So important. Many young women probably think (as I did, at that age) that they have nothing to do with missionary work and that they can just leave it to the men and boys. That it's somehow "their territory." Wrong, wrong. This lesson is a good corrective to that, and not only goes through some of the practicalities of sharing the gospel with others, but also stresses the right core principle: which is, that each Church member (regardless of age or gender) needs to have a strong testimony and to be ready to open her mouth and testify. There's no magical formula for successful gospel teaching - it's simply having a testimony and being in tune with the Spirit so that the Spirit can teach and confirm.

I've got some general thoughts knocking around in my head, not in any particular order.

First: strengthening young women's desires to serve full-time missions is a good thing. In our ward, our bishop and ward leadership have put a lot of energy and resources behind that. The bishop has made sure to call at least some YW leaders who themselves are returned missionaries. We have a strong tradition in our ward of sending sister missionaries. At the moment our family is getting emails from three sister missionaries we know who are currently serving and we try to share those at the dinner table and talk about it with our kids. Draw on the resources in your ward of returned or currently serving sister missionaries to talk about preparing, teaching, and missionary work - it's a good example for your young women.

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