YW Lesson 2-22 "Counseling With the Lord"

by | May 28, 2010

Lesson Helps

This lesson's all about drawing the Lord into your decisions, ongoing concerns, and long-term goals. It's packed with scripture references, a historical anecdote, relevant stories, and invites the teacher to share her testimony. In short, it's a model lesson, and one which has the potential to enrich anyone's prayer practices, at any stage of testimony or spiritual development from beginner/skeptic to deep disciple.

This weekend, our YW is conducting an inservice lesson after church, brainstorming on lesson planning and preparation. We got some "thought questions" beforehand that invited us to think about how we prepare for Sunday lessons and what tools or techniques we use to nourish YW with the good word of God. Writing a blog about my lesson planning, you'd think, would make me rather self-reflective about how I do what I do, but actually the questions made me realize that a lot of what I do is sort of auto-pilot or reflex and that I hadn't ever really sat down and thought about the sequence of things I do to plan lessons.

So, I thought I'd share. Let's take this lesson as an example - actually, lesson planning can be a case study in how to counsel with the Lord.

First, I read the lesson.

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