YW Lesson 2-25, "The Law of Sacrifice"

by | Jun. 22, 2010

Lesson Helps

With this lesson, we continue our discussion of doing hard things for the right reasons. In our ward, I heard a terrific talk on this subject recently. Ostensibly it was a talk about patience, "waiting upon the Lord" and trusting in Him, and the speaker talked about the scripture in Luke 21:19 "in patience possess ye your souls." Ironically, or counterintuitively, we "possess" our souls only by giving them entirely to the Lord. I think sacrifice contains a similar paradox, that when you truly sacrifice in the right spirit and with the right intent, it doesn't feel like giving anything up, because you lose all sense of possessiveness over the thing you are sacrificing.

Which makes me wonder the following--and I'm not being flippant, because this is something I've never really felt like I've been able completely to grasp about sacrifice. The lesson says, "It is hard and may hurt a little, especially if what we are giving up is very dear to us." So doesn't that mean that we're not sufficiently mature, or consecrated yet? Isn't feeling that sacrificing something is hard a sign that we're not quite doing it right?

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