YW Lesson 2-27 "Strengthening Testimony through Obedience"

by | Jul. 02, 2010

Lesson Helps

Hi, I’m Annie. Jeans is enjoying some time away with her family so I’m honored to jump in for a couple of weeks to chat about the upcoming YW lessons. I have loved using her posts as a jumping off point in my own YW lessons—and I won’t even try to fill her great shoes here—but I am thrilled to participate in starting the discussion.

Ah, obedience. It’s every adolescent’s favorite topic, isn’t it? When I think about my own conversations with my teenage daughters about issues of obedience, I think they most often want to know why. As I prepared this lesson, a couple of young women from my ward kept coming to mind—bright and inquisitive girls who are going through the process of asking obedience questions: why obey the commandments? What’s the point? What will happen if I don’t? I wanted to address those concerns in a real and convincing way.

This lesson actually does a lovely job beginning to answer those questions by discussing the relationship between obedience and testimony. Like the lesson on sacrifice a few weeks ago, the underlying theme this week is that obedience brings blessings and freedoms that surpass any perceived cost. The main point is that obedience and testimony are interrelated and feed each other.

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