YW Lesson 2-29 "Exaltation"

by | Jul. 16, 2010

Lesson Helps

This lesson has a lot of rich doctrine: the plan of salvation, the difference between immortality and exaltation, how to gain exaltation, the necessity of covenants and ordinances. Depending on your young women, you can spend varying amounts of time introducing and reviewing those concepts . To supplement the lesson doctrinally, Preach my Gospel (lesson 2: The Plan of Salvation) has a straight-forward (and a little more substantive) treatment of the plan of salvation and exaltation as well as some key definitions.

For those more been there, done that young women who may feel they already know the material (I know some Laurels that may fit into that group) you could put together a quiz from the definitions to see where to focus your time. Or draw the five circles of the plan of salvation and see how much they can complete, then fill in the gaps and create discussion.

The objective of the lesson is that "each young woman will desire exaltation." That's a particularly lofty objective! As I thought about the lesson, I realized that if I was going to try to build that kind of motivation and urgency about exaltation I would want to stimulate more discussion and engagement beyond the core doctrine of the lesson.

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