YW Lesson 2-5: "Home Environment"

by | Jan. 27, 2010

Lesson Helps

Love the preparation suggestion #3 for this lesson - be sure, ladies, to "Make your classroom as attractive as possible for this lesson. Cover the table with a cloth and place a centerpiece on it." Giggle.

I think maybe I'll shoot for realism instead. I'll dump a basket of unsorted socks on the floor, scatter some cracker crumbs and potato chip wrappers, and place a pile of backpacks, shoes, coats, and homework folders right in front of the door to make it feel more like my home. Just kidding. Maybe.

For this lesson - "Each young woman will strive to create a home environment where the Spirit of the Lord can dwell" - a pretty straightforward goal, wouldn't you agree?

Yet there are so many ways to get there with a lesson like this!

You could go all practical - home organization, "House of Order" and similar scriptures, homemaking skills - because the Spirit recoils from messy houses (or something like that). Last year's Homemaking lesson might be a good place to begin if you feel you need to go that way.

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