YW Lesson 2-8 "Improving Communication Skills"

by | Feb. 17, 2010

Lesson Helps

This lesson plan's built around demonstrating how frustrating it is when communication only goes one way, then creating a 4-way blackboard grid to compare "poor/good" communication, and discussing "barriers to" and "benefits of" good communication, followed by a list of case studies that probably weren't intended to be amusing, but I found them so.

Situation 2: what director turns down a girl for being too skinny?? They must be casting Hairspray...

Situation 5: why would the sister be in the know her brother was cut from the team for poor grades but the Mom would be clueless???

In addition to the suggested resources, which include Jeffrey R. Holland's talk about kind words, "The Tongue of Angels," you might check out the family communication materials over on the Church's Provident Living site.

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