YW Lesson 3-4: "Obeying Commandments Helps Us Fulfill Our Divine Roles"

by | Jan. 21, 2010

Lesson Helps

It's only four weeks into this manual and already... if my New Year's Resolution was to teach out of the manual as written, I'd be breaking my resolution on this lesson for sure.

Why? Three reasons.

1) The 3 quotes provided in the lesson are from 30, 35, and 37 years ago. Thank heavens for the suggested resource talks, which are all from within the last 3 years, a gold mine of good (updated!) discussions of the divine potential of young women, the importance of choosing to be obedient, and why young women should value and plan for marriage and motherhood.

2) The "workshop" and its accompanying "handout" - do we seriously want to send young women home with an explicit list of how to go about breaking God's commandments? This handout violates a fundamental principle of a good handout, which is to place the most important points last because that's what readers are likely to remember most. All the good and uplifting material is first, followed by a depressing and overly specific list of ways to screw up your life. Poor design.

3) Women's divine roles are listed in the lesson as "wife and helpmate, mother, and teacher." This use of the word "helpmate" as one of women's divine roles: No, no, and no. That word is not in the scriptures!

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