YW advice - increasing unity


I am the YW President of a small ward in [midwestern state]. Our Beehive class is pretty big, but the Mia-Maids and Laurels are quite small so we combine them.

We are having problems with a few of the YW bickering among themselves and it is spreading and affecting everyone else.

My question is this: How can I increase and encourage unity between the young women? I don't want to get involved in settling disagreements, but I do want to teach them that even if they are not best friends with each other, they can still be kind and courteous. Some of them treat complete strangers better than they do each other.


Whoo Boy, is this ever a common problem. I can't wait to see what the think tank has to say because this is one area where I don't have a ton of experience. When it comes to squabbles, I'm more a fire retardant than a fire extinguisher, so I hope we get some great wisdom from all you other leaders.

I love what you say about not needing to be best friends. I think trying to force friendships can backfire a lot of the time. But you're dead on, we should at least be polite.

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