Yes, there are non-LDS students at BYU

Most BYU students know what it is like to be in the religious minority. They spent their high school days fielding awkward questions about polygamy and the Word of Wisdom, and now they enjoy attending classes where everyone understands their favorite Book of Mormon joke.

For a few students, the trend is reversed.

According to the university Web site “Y Facts,” there were 439 non-LDS students enrolled at BYU during the Fall 2009 semester. The number has fluctuated between about 350 to 550 throughout the decade, changing as students graduate or are baptized and as new students come in. In a student population of nearly 33,000, that’s not very many.

There are many reasons non-LDS students choose to come to BYU.

Lee Aguirre, a junior from Los Angeles, chose to come to BYU after getting offered a football scholarship. He said he saw it as a chance to play football at a school with a top educational program and “good, quality people,” even though he didn’t know much about the LDS Church.

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