You Can Eat Them Here or There, You Can Eat Them Anywhere!

by | May 24, 2010


We've spent a lot of time discussing food storage basics, but I wanted to take the time to let you know about a very simple food storage item that may come in handy in many situations, and especially as you prepare your cars and recreational vehicles for your summertime excursions. (Don't forget about preparedness on the road!) They are commonly called calorie food bars, and they are designed to offer quick energy and vitamins and minerals. They are an excellent addition to your car, boat, travel trailer, RV or emergency kit. Just open and eat!

You might be thinking, "Why not just store a few granola bars in my car?" First of all, these food bars are higher in calories. Now, that doesn't sound great for those of us wishing to lose a few inches, but in an emergency, calories are a critical unit of energy and finding a quick source of them is essential. Also, some calorie food bars are designed to be non-thirst evoking. So, if you are trying to conserve that stored water, these bars won't leave your mouth needlessly parched. In addition, calorie food bars store well in a wide range of temperatures. They meet the standards of the U.S. Coast Guard, which basically means they can be left in your boat or car without spoiling in inclement and fluctuating weather. They are compact, vacuum sealed, and their thick foil packaging make them a smart choice for areas where storage is at a premium, or where lightweight options are preferred - places such as school lockers, sports bags, or anywhere you want an extra level of preparedness for your family.

Manufacturers suggest you store a minimum of 3600 calories per person, giving you 1200 calories each day. It is best to divide the 1200 calories into three 400-calorie meals. The food bars come divided into different caloric amounts and you can even get different flavors! Calorie food bars are designed for short term emergencies, and should be rotated approximately every five years.

As you can see, this compact, reliable, and resilient food source is something you can definitely trust to help your family become more prepared away from home. So you can eat them in a boat, or on a train, despite the heat or pouring rain! You'll like these calorie bars, you will see . . . they're quick food storage - just trust me!

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