You're welcome in the ward, no matter what you wear

A woman I remember seeing regularly in the London Hyde Park Ward in 1998 usually wore a velour sweat suit to church. Not the same sweat suit each week. Heaven's no! After a few weeks it was apparent she had several sweat suits in her wardrobe. She was always on time and in her seat to partake of the sacrament. Everyone rejoiced to see her. She rejoiced to see everyone else; it was apparent from the smile on her face that she felt welcome.

The London Hyde Park Ward in 1998 was not only geographically half a world away from Utah but culturally a world away with its mixture and make up of peoples and customs. The best way to describe the Utah I left in 1998 was vanilla. The London Hyde Park Ward was kaleidoscope. It included, as I recall, people from roughly 68 different nations and encompassed a lovely mixture of races, ethnicities and cultures. I loved that ward. Everyone was truly welcome, regardless of what they looked like, regardless of what they wore.

Britain ruled the world in the 19th Century. The well-known phrase, "The sun never sets on the British Empire," indicated that Britain had holdings in countries around the globe. Over the years, although the empire gave way to sovereign nations, people from the farthest reaches of the British Empire continued to make their way to England and continue to do so today.

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