Young Men Lesson 26: Blessings of Chastity

by | Jun. 24, 2011

Young Men

Discussion Questions:
  • Why are sexual sins considered “extremely serious”? (See For the Strength of Youth [booklet, 2001], 26–27.)
  • In what ways does viewing pornography interfere with serving righteously in the priesthood?
  • D&C 121:45 instructs us to “let virtue garnish [our] thoughts unceasingly.” What does this mean?

Excerpt from "May You Have Courage" by President Thomas S. Monson:

Great courage will be required as you remain chaste and virtuous amid the accepted thinking of the times.

In the world’s view today there is little thought that young men and young women will remain morally clean and pure before marriage. Does this make immoral behavior acceptable? Absolutely not!

The commandments of our Heavenly Father are not negotiable!

Powerful is this quote from news commentator Ted Koppel, host of ABC’s Nightline program for many years. Said he:

“We have actually convinced ourselves that slogans will save us. ‘Shoot up if you must; but use a clean needle.’ ‘Enjoy sex whenever with whomever you wish; but [protect yourself].’

“No. The answer is no. Not no because it isn’t cool or smart or because you might end up in jail or dying in an AIDS ward—but no, because it’s wrong. …

“What Moses brought down from Mt. Sinai were not the Ten Suggestions, they are Commandments. Are, not were.” 5

My sweet young sisters, maintain an eternal perspective. Be alert to anything that would rob you of the blessings of eternity.

Help in maintaining the proper perspective in these permissive times can come to you from many sources. One valuable resource is your patriarchal blessing. Read it frequently. Study it carefully. Be guided by its cautions. Live to merit its promises. If you have not yet received your patriarchal blessing, plan for the time when you will receive it, and then cherish it.

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