Young Men Lesson 31: Choosing an Eternal Companion

by | Jul. 29, 2011

Young Men

Discussion Questions
    •    What qualities in a young woman should you look for when choosing an eternal companion?
    •    What qualities can you develop to become a good husband?
    •    What choices are you making now that will prepare you to be this type of person?

Supplement from "Celestial Marriage," by Elder Russell M. Nelson:

My beloved brethren and sisters, I am deeply grateful for each of you. Together we feel a profound sense of gratitude for the gospel of Jesus Christ. In this world abounding with misery, we are truly thankful for God’s “great plan of happiness.” 1 His plan declares that men and women are “that they might have joy.” 2 That joy comes when we choose to live in harmony with God’s eternal plan.

The importance of choice may be illustrated by a homespun concept that came to mind one day when I was shopping in a large retail store. I call it “patterns of the shopper.” As shopping is part of our daily life, these patterns may be familiar.

Wise shoppers study their options thoroughly before they make a selection. They focus primarily on the quality and durability of a desired product. They want the very best. In contrast, some shoppers look for bargains, and others may splurge, only to learn later—much to their dismay—that their choice did not endure well. And sadly, there are those rare individuals who cast aside their personal integrity and steal what they want. We call them shoplifters.

The patterns of the shopper may be applied to the topic of marriage. A couple in love can choose a marriage of the highest quality or a lesser type that will not endure. Or they can choose neither and brazenly steal what they want as “marital shoplifters.”

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