Young Men Lesson 5: “How Art Thou Fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer!”

by | Jan. 28, 2011

Young Men

Discussion Questions:
  • How can knowing Satan’s purposes help you resist his influences?
  • In what ways does Satan disguise temptations to trick and tempt you to break a commandment or lower your standards?
  • What do you know about your Heavenly Father that gives you courage to overcome temptation?

"The Forces That Will Save Us"

Who has not heard and felt the enticing of the devil? His voice often sounds so reasonable and his message so easy to justify. It is an appealing, intriguing voice with dulcet tones. It is neither hard nor discordant. No one would listen to Satan’s voice if it sounded harsh or mean. If the devil’s voice were unpleasant, it would not persuade people to listen to it.

Shakespeare wrote, “The prince of darkness is a gentleman,”6 and, “The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.”7 As the great imitator, Lucifer has marvelous powers of deception. As Paul said to the Corinthians, “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.”8

Some of Satan’s most appealing lines are “Everyone does it”; “If it doesn’t hurt anybody else, it’s all right”; “If you feel all right about it, it’s OK”; or “It’s the ‘in’ thing to do.” These subtle entreaties make Satan the great imitator, the master deceiver, the arch counterfeiter, and the great forger.

We all have an inner braking system that will stop us before we follow Satan too far down the wrong road. It is the still, small voice within us. But if we allow ourselves to succumb to Satan’s tempting, the braking system begins to leak brake fluid and our stopping mechanism becomes weak and ineffective.

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