Young Women Advice - Am I Doing it Right?


I am feeling a little frustrated, a little sad, a little guilty, a little confused. I've been YW president in my ward for two years now, and was recently told that I probably wouldn't be in my calling much longer. Of course I will be sad to be released. I really have nothing but LOVE for all of my 30 girls, and I will so so so miss being involved in their lives, seeing their successes and watching them stand strong, aching for them to love each other as true sisters in the gospel, and all the rest that goes along with it.

That being said, I was sitting here wondering if I'm just an epic failure as a leader. In the past months, some of the YW (and even one of the leaders) have complained that the activities we do are "a waste of time". Somehow, this is completely my fault. Now, granted, I'm sure that not every activity has been spectacular, but I have tried to encourage my counselors and class presidencies to balance their activities. [I'm editing this for length, but here our questioner lists some activities they've done and the list is impressive. - RD] I'm not sure where I'm going wrong. I'd love to do more elaborate activities BUT I have realized our parents don't want their kids out crazy hours and since none of these things are close by, they are definitely not things girls can come to during the school year. Then in the summer there's youth conference, camps, vacations, etc... AND we don't have the parental support of driving the YW to these cool activities and we don't have the funds to pay for 30 girls to do some of these things.

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