Young Women Lesson 15: Blessings of the House of Israel

by | Apr. 08, 2011

Young Women

Discussion Questions:
  • What does it mean to be a member of the house of Israel? How did you become a member of the house of Israel?
  • What blessings of the house of Israel are given to those who go to the temple?

Excerpt from "Identity, Priority, and Blessings" by Elder Russell M. Nelson:

An understanding of the interrelationships between identity, priority, and blessings can help Latter-day Saints deal better with life’s challenges.

It is important to know who you are and who you may become. It is more important than what you do, vital as your work is. You pursue an education to prepare for life’s work, but you also need to prepare for life—eternal life. I emphasize this because some people on life’s journey forget who they really are and what is really important. Without sure identity and priority, blessings that matter most are at the mercy of things that matter least.

May I illustrate by reading from a letter written by a young mother:

“Dear Elder and Sister Nelson,

“My husband … just started his internship. … We have four children, ages 20 months to seven years (and would like to have more). My problem is that I don’t see how he can give time to our family as the prophets have directed us to do. … My seven-year-old and five-year-old have already asked me, ‘Why doesn’t Daddy come home anymore?’ They seem to be comfortable with my answer that Daddy is busy helping many sick people, but what should I tell them when they are old enough to understand that Daddy could have chosen a less time-consuming specialty? … Please help me understand. I have been praying for peace and understanding.”

Signed, “With much respect and admiration.”

Now, why do I trouble you with their problems? Simply because many of you are or will be where they are now—very busy and very frustrated. They should solve their own problems, and I’m confident they will. Perhaps we can use their quandary as a springboard for our discussion.

Such concerns are not limited to those in the medical profession. The wife of a doctor, like the wife of a truck driver, soldier, or airline pilot, must know that her husband’s work will take him away from home. That places the burden of fidelity, identity, and priority squarely on the shoulders of each individual and every married couple as they strive to merit the blessings of the Lord. It was never easy to be a committed Latter-day Saint, and it isn’t now. But the rewards are well worth it.

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