Young Women Lesson 29: The Second Coming

by | Jul. 13, 2012

Young Women

Discussion Questions
• How can we remain calm and at peace when some of the signs of the Second Coming seem troubling?
• How can we make preparations to be ready when the Savior comes again?

Excerpt from "The Essential Role of Member Missionary Work," by Elder M. Russell Ballard, April 2003 General Conference:

I love Harry Anderson’s painting of the Second Coming of the Savior. It reminds me that He will come in majesty and power. Amazing events will unfold on the earth and in the skies. 23

Those awaiting the Savior’s coming will “look for [Him].” And He has promised, “I will come”! The righteous will see Him “in the clouds of heaven [with all the holy angels], clothed with power and great glory.” 24 “An angel shall sound his trump, and the saints … from the four quarters of the earth” 25 will “be caught up to meet him.” 26 Those “that have slept,” meaning those worthy Saints who have died, “shall [also] come forth to meet [Him].” 27

The scripture reads, “The Lord [will] set his foot upon [the] mount,” 28 and “[He] shall utter his voice, and all the ends of the earth shall hear it.” 29

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