Young Women Lesson 42: Preparing for Change

by | Oct. 21, 2011

Young Women

Discussion Questions

    • Which difficult changes have you experienced (such as a death in the family or moving to a new school)? What helped you adjust to those changes?
    • How have you felt God’s love during difficult changes?

Excerpt from "Get On with Our Lives," by Elder Steven E. Snow, April 2009 General Conference

During the very early years of her life, our niece Lachelle spent the mornings with her grandmother. The two shared a special bond from these hours together. Lachelle soon turned five years old and was preparing to begin school. On their last morning together, Grandma Squire read her granddaughter a story and rocked her in the big rocking chair. “We have had so much fun together, Lachelle,” she told her, “and now it is time for you to go to school. I love you so much; what will I ever do without you?”

With wisdom beyond her five years, Lachelle looked up at her grandmother with big brown eyes. “Grandma,” she said, “I love you too, but it is time I got on with my life.”

That is good counsel for all of us. We too need to “get on with our lives.” Most of us do not seek or even welcome dramatic changes. But change is an essential part of life’s experiences.

Many of these changes come as we naturally make our way through our earthly journey. Our lives change as we progress from childhood through youth and on into adulthood and finally old age. Schooling, missions, marriage, employment, and retirement are all examples of milestones of change.

Too often we are reluctant to enter the next stage, begin the next challenge.

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