Young elders with challenges find purpose in LDS Church-service missions

In a simple game for children, blocks of different shapes are put through holes in the top of a bucket. It is important to match the right block with a hole of a similar shape to avoid unnecessary frustration and time wasted.

Like the various shapes of this game, Heavenly Father’s children are all different. They come from varied backgrounds and have different talents and gifts. Because of this, there are many opportunities to serve within the Church, including service missions available to those for whom a full-time mission is not a good fit.

As the Church expands, so does its need for volunteers and service missionaries. Service missions range from conducting trainings and making classroom visits to assisting with family history and welfare. Service missionaries need to commit to at least eight hours a week and provide for their own housing, transportation, and living needs. They also need to be temple worthy and physically, mentally, and emotionally capable of fulfilling the duties of their calling. There are more than 15,000 Church-service missionaries serving globally.

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