Young single adults need to escape Neverland

In the opening scenes of Disney's "Peter Pan," Mr. Darling tells Wendy it's time to grow up and stop filling her brothers' heads with silly stories. As he storms from the room, Mr. Darling declares, "Young lady, this is your last night in the nursery."

For us 20-somethings, there may be many last nights in the nursery: the moment a high school student receives her diploma; the day a missionary walks through the airport; and the afternoon a freshman leaves for college.

Regardless of when and where it occurs, that moment can be frightening. We may echo similar sentiments of the Lost Boys when it arrives, longing for a Neverland, wishing we didn't have to grow up.

Some of us seem to create our own Neverland, a place without responsibility or growing progression. This is largely evidenced in their appearance.

President Spencer W. Kimball mentioned a few of those lost boys (and girls) in 1978.

"Let me confess one of the sad disappointments I sometimes feel: The returned missionary who, after two years of taking great pride in how he looks and what he represents, returns to this campus or some other similar place to see how quickly he can let his hair grow, how fully he can develop a moustache and long sideburns and push to the very margins of appropriate grooming ... That, my young returned missionary brethren, is one of the great disappointments in my life," President Kimball solemnly said.

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