Youth a Driving Force Behind Mormon Summer Pageants

by | Jun. 22, 2010

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For those who work behind the scenes of summer pageants of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, there is little doubt as to what the driving force is behind these popular summer productions — the youth.

Mormon summer pageants, which kick off in Manti, Utah, are well known for dramatic displays of history from the scriptures and the Church. These pageants are the product of thousands of hours of volunteer work, and no group is more serviceable than the youth.

Take, for example, The Nauvoo Pageant in Nauvoo, Illinois. Two crews of 10 young men ages 17 to 19 help set up the pageant, run the show and take down equipment. In past years these young men came from as far away as England; this year they come from across the United States. Not only do these young men volunteer their time, but they also pay their own way.

Dave and Kathy Folkman are assigned to watch over these young men in Nauvoo.

“They literally work from 7 a.m. until midnight,” Kathy said. “It’s hot, dirty work and they love it.”

While many stages for such productions are powered by hydraulics, Kathy said the stage for the Nauvoo Pageant moves thanks to the muscle of these young men.

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