Zoo Games

by | Apr. 16, 2010


Find out when the animals will be reappearing at your local zoo and plan a trip. While simply looking at the animals is fun, try a few games to make your trip one to remember.

  • Baby Peek-a-boo: Find out from one of the zoo staff how many baby animals there are making their first appearance to patrons. Make sure they don't tell you which cages have babies! Each cage you come to, look hard to see if you can find the new animals. Set a goal to find a certain number; if you reach the goal, everyone gets ice cream cones after the visit.

  • What's in a Name?: Visit several cages with animals your children don't know the names of. Cover up the name and tell them to come up with their own for the animal. What would your child name a Coquerel's sifaka? Brownie points go to those who come up with the most creative names.

  • Animal Matching: Before going to the zoo, find out what animals your zoo has. Bring individual pictures of these animals on your trip. As you come to each cage, make sure to review information about each animal. At lunch, lay out the pictures for your children and ask questions about certain animals, using the information you discussed throughout the day. For instance, what animal's tongue is long, typically black, and tough due to the thorns it sometimes eats? (A giraffe.) If your kids like competition, tell them there is a prize for the person who gets the most questions.

  • Fantasy Feuds: As you exit the zoo, ask your children what two animals they would combine to make the most impressive animal. In a fight, whose animal do they think would win? What about in an animal show (similar to a dog show)? Have them give reasons why and then decide on a winner.
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