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Ask a Latter-day Saint Therapist: My Wife Divorced Me. I Want Her Back. Is That Possible?

by Jonathan Decker, LMFT, Contributor | Mormon Life

For daily gospel-based relationship insights, join Jonathan’s  Facebook group . To submit a question&n...


President Ballard to Women: "We Should Not Question Each Other’s Choices or Inspiration"

by Danielle B. Wagner | Mormon Life

"Women have remarkable influence," President M. Russell Ballard recently posted on Instagram. "You sisters ...


Why We Sometimes Don't Receive Answers to Our Questions

by Daedan Olander | Makes You Think

Many have found themselves in this situation: Religion is brought up, and we share that we are members of T...


“Come Follow Me” FHE: From Ruins to Restoration

by Jessica Grimaud | Lesson Helps

This week's FHE lesson topic comes from the Come, Follow Me reading in Acts 10-15 . Check out this week's C...


"Come, Follow Me" July 15–21: "The Word of God Grew and Multiplied"

by LDS Living Staff | Lesson Helps

This week’s readings: Acts 10–15 Don’t forget to record your impressions and read the ideas outlined in the...


One Beautiful Aspect of Paul's Conversion I Overlooked for 20+ Years

by Danielle B. Wagner | Makes You Think Mormon Life

The heavens filled with streaming light, angelic visitors appearing at critical moments, divine beings stri...


How Does God's Time Work? How Can He Listen to All Our Prayers at Once?

by C. Robert Line | Makes You Think

The following article originally ran on  LDS Living  in September 2015. In recent years there has...


Advice from a Temple Sealer That Changed My Experience in the Temple

by Danielle B. Wagner | Makes You Think Mormon Life

One evening while performing proxy sealings in the temple, the sealer interrupted the flow of names and ord...


15 Fun and Easy Ideas for Your Next Family Reunion

by Lois Thompson Bartholomew | Fun Mormon Life

It's summer, and with most children out of school, it's the perfect time for brothers and sisters and cousi...


What the "Sign of the Son of Man" at the Second Coming Means

by Matthew B. Brown, excerpted from "Prophecies: Signs of the Times, Second Coming, Millennium" | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Joseph Smith placed the appearance of the sign of the Son of Man after the sign of the absent rainbow in th...