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A Modern Take on Four New Testament Stories

by Jefra Rees of Aggieland Mormons | Mormon Life

During the early part of this new year, our family made a point of reflecting on the life and teachings of ...


Modest Gowns from the Academy Awards & Golden Globes

by Danielle B. Wagner | Fun Mormon Life

Current high fashion trends and modest apparel don't always go hand in hand. But, occasionally, you will fi...


4 Mormons Who Won Academy Awards

by Jamie Armstrong | Famous Mormons Fun

Talented Church members in Hollywood have left their mark on the silver screen, as well as behind the camer...


​The Mothering Advice I Always Hated but That Turned Out to Be True

by Lisa Valentine Clark | Mormon Life

I have gone on the website to order my son’s high school graduation gown about 20 times now, and I just can...


12 Powerful Habits for Success After the Mission

by Robert R. Shallenberger | Mormon Life

How many returned missionaries do you know who come home from their missions and find the transition rough?...


Five Common Questions About Being LDS and How to Answer Them

by Chris Huston, excerpted from "Good Answers to Good Questions" | Mormon Life

Have you ever been asked a question about being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints...


Dedication Continues After Deadly Cyclone Hits Fiji Temple (+ Video)

by LDS Living | From the Church Mormon Life

With 224-mile-per-hour winds, flooding, and at least 21 people killed , Cyclone Winston has been characteri...


Elder Holland Gives Can't-Miss Address on Questions, Doubt, and Faith

by LDS Living | Videos Makes You Think

In an address given to CES religious educators earlier this month, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland shared powerful...


How Did Pioneer Women Feel About Polygamy?

by Danielle B. Wagner | From the Church Makes You Think Mormon Life

The Church recently released a historic and unprecedented new project : a compilation of Church documents—m...


50 Sabbath Day Activities Your Family Will Love

by Ten Cows Inc. | Fun

The Sabbath is a special day, but it can be difficult think of what a family with children of different age...