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20 Stages of Preparing to Give a Sacrament Talk Last-Minute

by LDS Smile | Mormon Life

1. Realization – A week before your talk and your friends remind you that your talk is only a week away. 2....


Australian National News Reporter Shadows Missionaries For a Day

by ABC News Australia | News from Utah Mormon Life

In Australia alone more than 1,000 young men and women are spreading the word of God according to the Churc...


Seminary Teachers Make Hilarious Parody of 'Uptown Funk'

by YouTube | Videos


Video: Mitt Romney Goes 2 Rounds With Boxing Legend Evander Holyfield

by CNN | Videos

Call it the Quake on the Lake. Hopping around shirtless in a pair of red silk trunks, former Republican pre...


Why I Wrote a Letter to My Future Husband–and Was Glad I Got It All Wrong

by Lisa McKendrick | Makes You Think

Growing up, I was a girl on the go. If I wasn’t playing outside, I was looking for ways to not do homework,...


LDS Week in Review: 5 Must-Read Stories (May 9 - May 15)

by LDS Living Staff | News from Utah

Elder Scott 'Not Fully Able to Participate in Meetings of the Quorum of the Twelve,' Elder Perry Resuming R...


5 Homemade Gifts Your Missionary Will Love

by Aubrey Porter | Mormon Life

No matter how much a missionary loves their mission, they are always going to yearn for home during holiday...


10 Pop Songs that Sum Up a Mission Perfectly

by My Best LDS | Fun Mormon Life

1. So Long Farewell – Rodgers and Hammerstein After the call is opened, and the suitcases packed, there com...


Elder Christofferson Gives Address in Portuguese at Brazil's Largest Mosque

by LDS Church News | News from Utah

Today it’s impossible to talk of the Church’s global footprint without speaking of Brazil. “Brazil is one o...


Latter-day Saint Mom Competes on American Ninja Warrior

by Jeff Hampton

Despite having aired for six seasons, no contestant of the hit NBC show American Ninja Warrior has ever won...