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15 Games and Puzzles Your Family Will Love This Holiday Season

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With touchscreen devices taking over more and more family time, it's hard to find screen-free activities th...


10 Latter-day Saint Women Breaking the "Mold"

by Alicia Soto | Mormon Life

There are over 7.1 million members of the Relief Society—the largest women's organization in the world. Tho...


"Don't Miss This" Study Journals Now Available for Preorder

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Looking for a way to organize and enjoy your scripture study next year? Deseret Book is releasing a helpful...


23 Rare Photos of Elder Renlund That Will Make You Love Him Even More

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Elder Dale G. Renlund was born on November 13, 1952, in Salt Lake City, Utah. His parents emigrated from Fi...


The Remarkable Woman Behind the Song "As Sisters in Zion" + the Prophetic Promise She Fulfilled

by Tommy Johnson | Mormon Life

“On one of these occasions Brother Halliday blessed me and confirmed upon me the promise that I should writ...


BYU, Liberty Football Teams Play—and Pray—Together in First Game Between Christian Schools

by Tommy Johnson

Just after playing 60 minutes of competitive football, Liberty and Brigham Young University players met at ...


New Book of Mormon Videos Now Available on DVD

by LDS Living Staff | Mormon Life

The all-new Book of Mormon videos are now  available on DVD. View the story collection of scenes taken...


Sister Nelson on the Angels and Miracles She’s Witnessed Doing Family History Work

by Wendy Watson Nelson, excerpted from "The Heavens Are Open" | Makes You Think Mormon Life

When you hear the words family history,  do you go into a coma? Believe me, until a few years ago, I c...


11 Feel-Good Christmas Novels Perfect for the Holiday Season

by LDS Living Staff | Fun

Not only does the Christmas season bring gifts, family, and lots of good food but for many it brings colder...


Church Releases All-new Batch of "Hope Works" Videos

by Brad Richins

Hope Works  is a series of live TED Talk- style videos that encapsulate how members of the Church live...