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15+ Times the Church Has Been Praised by Major News Outlets

by Emily Abel | Fun Mormon Life

It is not uncommon to see the Church and its members in the news. We've compiled a fascinating list of time...


What I Learned After Being Called as a Primary President at Age 78

by Olene S. Walker, excerpted from "By Small and Simple Things" | Makes You Think Mormon Life

All my life I have been taught to accept Church callings, knowing that despite my inadequacies, with the Lo...


The Latter-day Saint Boxing World Champion Who Was More Famous Than Babe Ruth

by Daedan Olander | Famous Mormons Fun Mormon Life

A little over 100 years ago, Jack Dempsey became the heavyweight boxing champion of the world, defeating fo...


From Darkness to Living Color: How One Couple Escaped North Korea and Found the Light of the Gospel

by Morgan Jones | Makes You Think

Jiyeon Maeng stood in front of a bustling North Korean farmer’s market wearing a gray sweater and glasses—e...


Latter-day Saint Movie Review of "The Other Side of Heaven 2"

by Trina Boice | Mormon Life

What's it about? Brought to you by BYU TV and Kolipoki Pictures, this Two Roads film is based on a true sto...


When Herbert Hoover Praised the Women of the Church During WWI

by Sheri Dew, excerpted from "Women and the Priesthood" | Mormon Life

Latter-day Saint women have always been able to hold their own. The doctrine and practices of the Church re...


Insights from a Renowned Psychologist That Could Transform Your Relationship with the Church

by Bill Turnbull | Makes You Think Mormon Life

The following is republished with permission from  faithmatters.org. Years ago, we discovered that our...


"Are Legos in Heaven?" What One Boy's Question Can Teach Us About God's Love

by David Butler, excerpted from "Almighty" | Mormon Life

One night while I was putting one of my sons to bed, he looked up at me after he was all tucked in and aske...


How a Facebook Mishap Led This Swedish Couple to Each Other, Sharing the Gospel with Thousands

by Katie Lambert | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Four years ago, Mattias Krekula made a life-altering mistake: he sent a friend request to the wrong person....


The Beautiful Interaction I Had with My Savior After I Placed My Burdens at His Feet

by Jessica Patterson Turner | Makes You Think Mormon Life

My 2-year-old had been battling a chest cold for a few days, and the back-to-back sleepless nights were rea...