Kimberly Brown

Kimberley Brown Sorenson, known affectionately by her friends as “Brown”, was born on the border in spicy El Paso, Texas. She was raised by wonderful parents who instilled the Four F’s: Faith, Family, Friends, and Football. Brown attended LDSBC and served a mission in the heartland of Wisconsin where she milked cows, sampled delicious cheeses, and taught the gospel to some fine folk—Go Packers! For four years she was a nanny for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver where she loved their kids and traveled the world. Brown is a single mom to four great kids and spends A LOT of time cheering her son’s football team and applying red lipstick to her daughter before dance recitals. Brown would kill a man for a street taco and a Diet Mountain Dew, extra ice. You will always find Peanut M&M’s in her voluminous purse, along with enough hair and makeup supplies to ready a professional theater group. Her gift of faith has been an anchor to her in the many hardships she has faced. The most true thing Brown knows is that the Holy Ghost speaks to us and lets us know what is right and what is wrong.