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Old Testament Lesson 1: "This Is My Work and My Glory"

by Ted L. Gibbons | Sunday School Lesson Helps

INTRODUCTION: I almost always commence teaching the Old Testament in the same way. I bring in a box of odds...


Relief Society Lesson 22: Doing Good to Others

by The Exponent | Sunday School Lesson Helps

When you hear the term, “doing good to others” or the term, “service,” what people come immediately to mind...


How to engage youth and kids in Sunday lessons

by The Exponent | Sunday School Best of LDS Blogs Lesson Helps

Since moving back to a family ward I have spent most of my time working with the youth. Other than a brief ...

Using the Youth Sunday School Curriculum to Train Future Missionaries

by By Common Consent | Sunday School Lesson Helps

I am happy to introduce a new monthly youth Sunday school series at BCC: adapting the youth Sunday school c...

Gospel Doctrine Lesson #5: “This Is the Spirit of Revelation”

by By Common Consent | Sunday School Lesson Helps

Two remarkable points stand out to me when I think of Joseph Smith and his revelations: his willingness to ...


Making the Most of Church Curriculum in 2013

by LDS Media Talk | Sunday School Lesson Helps

We’re almost at the end of January–the first month of a new curriculum year in the Church. It’s a good time...

Gospel Doctrine Lesson #4: “Remember the New Covenant, Even the Book of Mormon”

by By Common Consent | Sunday School Lesson Helps

The Book of Mormon is as important closed as it is open. Its power and meaningfulness derive as much from i...

Gospel Doctrine Lesson #3: I had seen a vision

by By Common Consent | Sunday School Lesson Helps

There is a great deal of scope within this lesson to explore a number of important themes that pertain to J...


Church offers online support for 2013 children, youth and adult curriculum

by | Sunday School Official Church Info Lesson Helps

In 2013, children will begin new courses of study in Primary; youth will be introduced to new curriculum in...

Book of Mormon Lesson #18: “God Himself Shall Redeem His People,” Mosiah 12-17

by Feast Upon the Word | Sunday School Lesson Helps

We are saddled with the task of sorting out the whole of Abinadi’s speech in a single lesson. That’s devast...