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8 Happiness Strategies From Elder Holland

by Whatsoever Is Good | Mormon Life

If you find yourself struggling to keep your head up and feeling a little bit down, here are some tips to h...


Attending Church by Phone in Rural Alaska

by Alaska Dispatch | Mormon Life

Modern conveniences like cellphones and the Internet increasingly make living in rural Alaska less rural an...


LDS Man Shares Peek into Impressive Collection of Rare Bibles, Copies of the Book of Mormon

by LDS Church News | News from Utah

You could call him the Bible detective. Reid Moon has spent the better part of the last quarter century tra...


How to Ace the Test Called Life

by Mormon Hub | Makes You Think Mormon Life

How would you feel if on the first day of class your teacher gave you a copy of the final exam? Last Septem...


Learning to Rest on the Seventh Day

by Millennial Mormons | News from Utah Makes You Think

My eyelids flew open to stare at the ceiling. I felt my gut slowly overturn and a slight frown form on my f...


For the Strength of Youth: 1965 to Today

by Utah Valley 360 | Fun Mormon Life

The 1965 edition of For the Strength of Youth has become the stuff of legends for its dated, prescriptive g...


NY Times: How Mitt Romney's Faith Could Affect 3rd Run

by New York Times | News from Utah

[As] Mr. Romney mulls a new run for the White House, friends and allies said, his abiding Mormon faith is i...

LDS Broadway Star Releases New Music Video

by YouTube | News from Utah


New Assistant Church Historian and Recorder Named

by Newsroom | From the Church News from Utah

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints today appointed Reid L. Neilson as a new assistant Church h...


My Mission and Depression: It Wasn't a Cop-Out

by Whatsoever Is Good | Makes You Think

“Why, in my right mind would I ever want to kill myself?” That was my thought as I walked down the dirt str...