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Virginia Governor, First Lady Kick off LDS Day to Serve

by Deseret News | News from Utah

A massive service spree started on Sept. 11 when first lady of the Commonwealth of Virginia Dorothy McAulif...


LDS Families Find Hope, Healing After Miscarriages

by Utah Valley 360 | Mormon Life

When she first learned she was pregnant, Taralyn Parker did everything right. It was her first pregnancy. S...


LDS Veterans Recount Harrowing WWII Experiences

by Deseret News | News from Utah

Seeing the World War II Memorial took Kay Smith back to a harrowing experience in a Japanese rice paddy tha...


California Ward Garden Leads to Baptisms

by LDS Church News | News from Utah

Latter-day Saints in Carpinteria have been busy planting the seeds of missionary work in their backyard. Wh...


Mormon Man Stars in New TV Show on TNT

by Deseret News | News from Utah

Troy Dunn has worked to reunite more than 40,000 people with their families during the past 25 years. It be...


You Never Know: Why the New Mormon Message Might Not Mean What You Think It Means

by Mormon Momma | Makes You Think Mormon Life

My first day in business school I learned about opportunity cost. It blew my mind. (I was young.) The oppor...


The Role of Religion in Modern Society

by Newsroom | Makes You Think

Drive through any city and you’ll see steeples or domes aspiring in the skyline. These houses of worship ha...


Legacy of Mormon Pavilion at New York World's Fair Still Seen Today

by LDS Church News | News from Utah

Its impact can be hard to imagine in the Internet age, but 50 years ago, when the New York World’s Fair of ...


Why I Chose to be a Latter-day Saint, Not a Mormon

by All Our Lemmony Things | Makes You Think

I still remember the smell of the chapel as I sat down five years ago. It was a scent I hadn’t smelled befo...


Tolstoy's Surprising Opinion of Mormons and 'The American Religion'

by Deseret News | Famous Mormons Fun

In his diary, Leo Tolstoy wrote: “God is that infinite All of which man knows himself to be a finite part.”...