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Granite Flats Sneak Peak: Season 2 Finale

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3 Mormon Moms to Compete on Bible Game Show

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The Game Show Network's most successful original game show "The American Bible Challenge" is back for seaso...


Church Directory of Organizations & Leaders

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The Church Directory of Organizations and Leaders (CDOL) contains information about Church organizations an...


'Guilt Free' Shares 6 Lies the Adversary Tells

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It's easy to become despondent amid trials, imperfections and weaknesses. Karen John, who is a member of Th...


Online Collections of Civil War Records Updated for Memorial Day

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If you have an ancestor who served in the American Civil War, it may now be easier to find information abou...


Coping with Attacks of the LDS Faith

by FAIR Blog | Mormon Life

One of the challenges in defending one’s faith is coping with critics who use the “Big List” technique in t...

I'm a Mormon, Social Media Innovator, and Microlender

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Maintaining Spiritual Routines in the Summertime

by Middle-Aged Mormon Man | Fun Mormon Life

Ask anyone who has played much basketball to show you their free throw routine, and they will know exactly ...

Watch: A Week Behind the Scenes of Music and the Spoken Word

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3 Marriage Tips from Author of Viral Blog Post 'Marriage Isn't For You'

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

Viral LDS Blogger Seth Adam Smith offers tips, some learned from others and some he came to know by himself...