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Watch: Pres. Monson's First Talk as an Apostle

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Impact of Mormon Missionary Service Age Change: 1 Year Later

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Thousands More Mormons Choose Missionary Service

by Newsroom | Official Church Info

The large, white envelope now displayed on the mantelpiece in the crowded family room of the Wright home lo...


How to Can Chicken at Home

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We’ve pretty much stopped eating chicken, aside from the occasional cheat with a costco rotisserie chicken....


Ultimate Pre-Conference General Authority Trivia Quiz

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Listening to general conference can be more interesting when you know something unique about the speakers. ...


Scholars Provide Insights to Joseph Smith’s Nauvoo

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Historic Nauvoo became one giant classroom September 23 as 11 scholars were stationed individually at vario...


Reach Out with Love to Less-Active Returned Missionaries

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Despite enjoying successful missions, some returned missionaries return home only to later drift into inact...


Award-Winning Atlas Tracks LDS Movement

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Mapping Mormonism" is more than maps. It also includes timelines, charts and descriptions to document the M...


Oct. 4 Is President Monson's 50-Year Anniversary as Apostle

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On Friday, October 4, 1963, Thomas S. Monson walked into the Tabernacle on Temple Square and looked for and...


10 Ways to Invite Friends to Watch General Conference

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LDS General Conference may be one of the best ways to introduce your friends to the Church. This article pr...