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Study abroad program in England put me on a quest to discover my ancestors

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

Editor's note: This week Mormon Times shares stories from staffers' and contributors' family history whethe...


Researching Family History: Genealogy is more than just a hobby

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

There is a great deal of excitement and a certain urgency among people in recent years to do their genealog...


Old Mormon Fort offers glimpse into the past

by The Spectrum | Opinions & Features

Let’s face it — most people don’t visit Las Vegas to see historic old forts. Many of you have probably driv...


Gallup: Provo-Orem, Utah most optimistic US city

by Gallup | News from Utah

While the vast majority of Americans express satisfaction about the community or area where they live, resi...

A Doggie Would A-Tractin’ Go, Mm-hmm, Mm-hmm

by Keepapitchinin | Best of LDS Blogs

President Charles A. Callis used to tell a story about the day missionary work went to the dogs, or at leas...

Book of Mormon Lesson #13: “The Allegory of the Olive Trees,” Jacob 5-7 (Gospel Doctrine)

by Feast Upon the Word | Lesson Helps

As I mentioned in last post, I’ll be tackling all of Jacob 4-7 in this post. I noted last time that chapter...


Church responds following devastating tornadoes

by LDS Church News | Everything Else

More than 100 tornadoes touched down across 12 U.S. states over a recent four-day period, claiming dozens o...


Podcast: How Can We Truly Confront Racism within Mormon Thought and Culture?

by Mormon Matters | Opinions & Features

A recent Washington Post article that discussed the origins and history of Mormonism’s racialized teachings...


Pray for our leaders

by LDS Church News | Opinions & Features

Few things are as important as our families, be they traditional, single parent, combined or an individual;...


Scouting is helping boys realize self-worth, potential

by LDS Church News | Opinions & Features

At first glance, Alex and Colten fit the profile of the thousands of young men in the Church who earn Scout...