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Mitt Romney to attend 2002 Olympic celebration in Salt Lake

by Deseret News | News from Utah

Mitt Romney is taking a break from the presidential campaign trail next month to attend an event in Salt La...

Temples Are a Beacon

by Mormon Channel | What We Believe


'Anti-Mormon slime machine' kicks into gear

by Deseret News | What They're Saying About "Us" Opinions & Features

"Brace yourself for the anti-Mormon slime machine!" That's the warning from Kyle-Anne Shiver, a frequent co...


European members participate in area-wide blood drives for day of service

by | Opinions & Features

During April 2011’s general conference, President Henry B. Eyring, First Counselor in the First Presidency,...


Elder Perry: The Church is scaffolding for lives

by LDS Church News | What We Believe

The Church is the scaffolding for individuals and families as they engage the most important building proje...


Harvard first, BYU second: Most popular schools in US

by Deseret News | Everything Else

Brigham Young University is the second most popular national university in the United States, according to ...

LDS Republicans and Democrats meet at BYU

by The Daily Universe | Everything Else

While the valley of dissent between Republicans and Democrats seems to be getting deeper nationally, there ...

Accidental fire damages Logan LDS Institute kitchen

by Salt Lake Tribune | Everything Else

A fire damaged part of a kitchen Wednesday morning at a Logan LDS Institute building near Utah State Univer...


A look at 'Mormon Night' at professional sporting events

by Deseret News | Saints & Sports

Faith and professional sports have been in the public eye recently with Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebo...


Why Mitt Romney can't be the Mormon JFK

by Huffington Post | What They're Saying About "Us"

Mitt Romney's sudden downgrade from Republican frontrunner to potential also-ran coincided with a massive s...